Adaliz Fashion

The Client

Adaliz Fashion Room is the online extension of the physical clothing store of the same name located in Athens, Greece. In the store you will find a wide variety of clothes and accessories as well as many offers.

Elevate your fashion game with Adaliz’s carefully curated collection, designed to add flair and personality to every outfit!

The Project

The client turned to NexioWeb for the development of an e-commerce platform (e-shop). The e-shop had to be secure, beautiful with a clean look and to be able to support the ever-increasing volume of orders, i.e. to have scalability.

In order to meet all the requirements set by the client, we relied on the WordPress/WooCommerce platform. In addition, we developed custom plugins while custom code was extensively used to cover all of the client’s needs.




Web Design

Responsive Design


Custom Plugins

Custom Code

Payment Gateways


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Social Media